What are the tool materials of the lawn mower blade

What materials does the lawn mower blade have? Zhengchida Blade Factory will do professional analysis for us.
The tool material is the fundamental factor that determines the cutting performance of the tool, which has a great impact on the processing efficiency, processing quality, processing cost and tool durability.

The harder the tool material, the better its wear resistance, the higher the hardness, the lower the impact toughness, and the more brittle the material. Hardness and toughness are a pair of contradictions, and it is also a key that the tool material should overcome. For graphite tools, ordinary TiAIN coating can be selected appropriately in the selection of materials with relatively better toughness, that is, the content of cobalt is slightly higher; for diamond-coated graphite tools, the hardness can be appropriately selected in the selection of materials. , That is, the cobalt content is slightly lower. Detailed introduction about lawn mower blades
Mower blades can be customized specifications
Lawn mower blade use: used to cut garden flowers and small diameter shrubs and other materials Lawn mower blade Applicable equipment: brush cutter, lawn mower, lawn mower
Lawn mower blades are suitable for cutting materials: field borders, water and dry fields, lawns, embankment roadsides, river beach weeds, lawn mower blades, small diameter shrubs, thin bamboos, fences
The structure and working principle of electric lawn mower
Lawn mower: A forage harvesting machine that cuts pasture or other crops that can be made into hay and places it on the ground. There are two types of reciprocating and rotating. Reciprocating lawn mower: Relying on the relative shearing movement of the movable knife and the fixed knife on the cutter to cut the forage. Its characteristic is that the cutting stubble is neat, the power required per unit cutting width is small, but the adaptability to different growth states of the forage is poor, and it is easy to block. It is suitable for flat natural grassland and artificial grassland with general yield. Due to the large vibration of the cutter during operation, the increase in operating speed is limited. The cutting speed of the moving knife is generally lower than 3 m/s. The forward speed of the operation is generally 68 km/h. Tractor-mounted lawn mower: simple structure, light, maneuverable and flexible. There are three types of front suspension, side suspension and rear suspension. Later suspension mowers are the most widely used.
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